Telephone Service Frequently Asked Questions

How come my phone doesn’t work?

Probably the best idea is to call us and tell us exactly what sort of trouble you’re having.

Why is my bill so high?

The size of your bill depends upon a couple of things: First, what Custom Calling Features do you have? Second, who is your Long Distance Carrier, and how many Long Distance minutes do you have? Third, do you have any 1-900 calls, collect calls, or other “casual billed” calls? Finally, do you have our DSL Internet service?

Can you explain the charges on my bill?

If you call the front office at 528-7236, we will explain any charge that appears on your bill.

Who is my Long Distance Carrier?

Your Long Distance carrier will be identified on your bill or you can call our office for help.

How did my Long Distance Carrier get changed?

If you don’t have a Pic-Freeze on your number, some long distance companies will pick up your minutes without asking. This is called “Slamming”, and is sadly very common. What we recommend is that you set your desired long distance carrier, and then call us to put the Pic-Freeze on your account. There is no charge for a Pic-Freeze.

What Custom Calling Features are currently on my phone?

First, get your last bill and look at the Local Service section. It should list any Custom Calling Features you have. Otherwise, you may call our office at 528-7236, and one of our CSR’s will be glad to tell you what features you currently have.

How do I set up a new telephone service?

First, you will need to fill out an application, which you can get at our office. You may also apply online.

How long does it take to get my phone connected?

Once you turn your application in, and pay your deposit, we ask for 24 to 48 hours to get the service started. If you need construction done, or inside wiring, that would take more time.

What is my account balance?

>If you call the front office at 528-7236, we can tell you your balance.

Why am I charged an “Interstate access charge” when I never call out of state?

The interstate access charge is a requirement of the Federal Communication Commission. It is intended to help level the cost of phone bills throughout the United States. It is a required charge on all local telephone companies.

What is “Federal Universal Service”, and “State Universal Service”?

The Universal Service fund, both State and Federal, is a pooling agreement for most telephone companies, regulated by the FCC and the State Public Commission to help defray the costs of telephone service in high cost areas.

How much are your custom calling features?

Click here for a complete listing of our calling features and their charges.

Why can’t I call Long Distance?

First, do you have a Long Distance Carrier for both in-state and out of state calls? Or do you have a toll-block on your phone? Also, if you are more than 60 days overdue on your bill, your toll calling may be automatically blocked.

What are these other charges on my bill?

If they are long-distance charges, then you may have been slammed, and picked up by another carrier. If they are 900-numbers, then someone has called a 1-900 number from your phone. Collect calls, and other charges may be “casual billed”, which means that a third party is billing you for those services. Casual Billing is usually very expensive.

Why is there a fee to have a non-published phone number?

The norm for the telephone industry is to publish every phone number in a directory. Extra effort is required to not publish a number in the directory, therefore an extra fee to have this option.

What is EAS (Extended Area Service)?

EAS gives you the opportunity to call any number in Sanpete County as a local call. You don’t need to use 1-435- for these calls.

Faq telephone
Faq telephone
Faq telephone
Faq telephone
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